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【お届け時期をご確認ください】古代平丸 Kodai Hiramaru




【ご確認ください。現在、受注製作となります。お届けの目安としてはご注文後、約5ヶ月後となります】 ▷容量 capacity:1.5L ▷重さ weight:1.6kg ▷全幅 wide:205mm ▷胴幅 depth:170mm ▷高さ height:205mm 昔ながらの平丸形の鉄瓶。小ぶりに見えますが、容量も1.5Lと十分です。山形鋳物の特徴をいかした無地で、鋳肌の美しさを前面に出したデザインです。毎回鋳型を作っているので、このように鋳肌の美しい鉄瓶を製作することができます。無地ですが、長く飽きずにお使い頂けます。使用熱源は選ばず、IHヒーターでの使用可能です。 This is a traditional "hiramaru (flat and round)" type iron kettle. Although it looks small, it can contain a sufficient volume totaling 1.5 liters. Making the most of the features of Yamagata Imono, this plain iron kettle highlights the beauty of the casting surface, which is possible as a result of making the casting mold separately each time. The product is plain and can be used for a long time without tiring of it. It can be used with any heat source, including an IH cooking heater. Guidance on tariffs If you purchase Japanese products from overseas, customs duty may be incurred. In that case, please note that any customs duties incurred will be borne by the purchaser. [email protected] If there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.