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平丸菊 Hiramaru Kiku




▷容量 capacity:2.1L ▷重さ weight:1.8kg ▷全幅 wide:200mm ▷胴幅 depth:185mm ▷高さ height:210mm 鉄瓶本体に大きくあしらわれた菊の模様と、朱銅色の銅蓋を合わせた上品な鉄瓶。贈り物としても最適です。菊の花びら一枚一枚、繊細に美しく表現されているのは、鋳型を再利用せずに毎回製作しているためです。また、漆着色仕上げにより使いこむほどに艶が増してきて、時を重ねる度に味わいが増してくるのは漆ならではの特徴です。使用熱源は選ばず、IHヒーターでの使用も可能です。 【Please confirm it is. It will be manufactured after you place an order. Please inquire about delivery times before purchasing】 This elegant iron kettle is extensively decorated with a chrysanthemum pattern over the body, and has a copper lid with a vermillion copper color. Makes a perfect gift. Because the casting mold is made each time and not reused, the piece of chrysanthemum petal is expressed delicately and beautifully. In addition, with Japanese lacquer coloring finish, the surface of the product becomes more glossy the more you use it and its charm increases as time goes by, both characteristics of Japanese lacquer. It can be used with any heat source, including an IH cooking heater. Guidance on tariffs If you purchase Japanese products from overseas, customs duty may be incurred. In that case, please note that any customs duties incurred will be borne by the purchaser. [email protected] If there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.