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【受注製作】ざくろ Zakuro




【ご確認をお願いします。ご注文後の製作となります。ご購入前に納期をお問い合わせください】 ▷容量 capacity:1.8L ▷重さ weight:1.8kg ▷全幅 wide:195mm ▷胴幅 depth:160mm ▷高さ height:250mm 子孫繁栄の意味もある「ざくろ」を文様に入れた鉄瓶。鋳型の再利用はせずに、一回使い切りの為、ざくろの花、それに誘われてきた蜂の様子も綺麗に表現されています。漆着色仕上げにより、使いこむ程に艶が増し、漆ならではの味わいが生まれます。蓋が大きいのも特徴で、水を入れるのにとても入れやすいです。容量もたっぷり入るので、お客様をおもてなしする際でも十分に対応できます。使用熱源は選ばず、IHヒーターでの使用可能です。 This iron kettle employs the pattern of pomegranate, which carries the meaning of "prosperity of descendants." As the casting mold is used only once and not reused, the pomegranate flower and the bee that gravitates toward it are expressed perfectly. The lacquer coloring finish makes the product more glossy with use, which generates the deep charm characteristic of Japanese lacquer. The lid is large, and it is easy to pour water into the kettle. In addition, the product offers sufficient capacity and can be used when serving tea to guests. It can be used with any heat source, including an IH cooking heater. Guidance on tariffs If you purchase Japanese products from overseas, customs duty may be incurred. In that case, please note that any customs duties incurred will be borne by the purchaser. [email protected] If there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.