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但 馬 Tajima


¥165,000 税込


▷容量 capacity:2.4L ▷重さ weight:2.4kg ▷全幅 wide:220mm ▷胴幅 depth:185mm ▷高さ height:250mm 日本で「縁起の良いもの」をくまなくあしらった鉄瓶。摘まみも打ち出の小槌にし、眺めているだけで楽しく、愉快になります。容量が2.4Lではありますが、薄肉鋳造にこだわって制作しているため、他社の同じサイズと比較すると軽く仕上がっています。漆着色仕上げにより、使いこむほどに艶が増し、文様一つ一つが浮き上がって見えてくるのは、漆着色ならではの味わいで、時を重ねても愛着を持ってお使い頂けます。熱源は選ばず、IHヒーターでの使用も可能です。 The body of this iron kettle is garnished with items that are said to be auspicious throughout Japan. The knob is shaped like a mallet of good luck known as "uchide-no-kozuchi," and just looking at this kettle brings about a feeling of pleasance and delight. The kettle has a 2.4 liter capacity, but is lighter than other companies' products of the same size because it is made using the thin-wall casting technique. With a finish consisting of Japanese lacquer coloring, the surface of the product becomes more glossy the more you use it, and each of the patterns stands out. You can use the product for a long time, and you will find yourself becoming attached to it. It can be used with any heat source, including an IH cooking heater. Guidance on tariffs If you purchase Japanese products from overseas, customs duty may be incurred. In that case, please note that any customs duties incurred will be borne by the purchaser. info@chobundo.jp If there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.