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駒 形 Komagata




▷容量 capacity:2.0L ▷重さ weight:1.7kg ▷全幅 wide:205mm ▷胴幅 depth:190mm ▷高さ height:205mm 霰文様が美しい鉄瓶。鋳型を再利用せずに、一回使い切りのため、細かな霰文様も綺麗に仕上がります。松ぼっくりの摘まみで霰文様にさりげなく笹の葉があしらわれたデザインは、落ち着いた雰囲気があります。漆着色仕上げのため、使いこむほどに艶が増し、時を重ねる度に深い味わいが生まれます。熱源は選ばず、IHヒーターでの使用可能です。 This is an iron kettle with a beautiful "arare" dot pattern. As the casting mold is used only once and not reused, the detailed dot pattern is beautifully finished. The knob has a pine cone shape, and a bamboo leaf is subtly added to the arare dot pattern. This design brings about a calm atmosphere. As iron kettles manufactured in our studio are all colored with Japanese lacquer, the surface of the products becomes more glossy the more you use them, and you can enjoy their deeper charm with the passage of time. It can be used with any heat source, including an IH cooking heater. Guidance on tariffs If you purchase Japanese products from overseas, customs duty may be incurred. In that case, please note that any customs duties incurred will be borne by the purchaser. [email protected] If there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.